17 December 2012

The future of this blog...

I have a few things planned for the next few months after a fairly long absence. Here is a quick breakdown of the future plans and also some information on how I plan on approaching this blog after the new year.

Upcoming pedal builds
1776 Rubadub Digital Reverb - In Progress
Naga Viper Influenced Treble Booster - Jan 2013
1776 Multiplex Echo machine  - Feb 2013

Upcoming amplifier builds
SLO influenced rebuild - In Progress
Krankenstein influenced amp - March 2013

As you can see from the above list I'm hoping to get back into a regular cycle. My goal is to get at least one pedal build posted on here each month unless there is a more time consuming build going on such as an amp build then that will possibly cover two months or so but there will be regular updates.

Update 23/12/02
I have been speaking with Bob regarding the future of this blog and we have come to the decision that the blog is going to be expanded to cover a wider area of guitar related equipment and not just DIY projects.

In light of the above you can expect equipment reviews of production gear and also there will be a bit of a visual shake up and obviously a new name. Watch this space!