17 December 2012

1776 effects Rubadub Reverb Build

Well it's been a bit quiet on the personal DIY front. I've just done a few amp builds for people but nothing that hasn't really been covered before.

However I recently got around to starting building a digital reverb using the Rubadub reverb PCB from Josh @ 1776 effects

This build is now completed but I haven't boxed it up yet so for now there are just a few in progress pictures at the bottom.

The circuit is really nice and sounds fantastic on clean sounds which is primarily what I wanted it for.

I wont be boxing this up until the weekend and still haven't decided on the graphics for it. If you have any suggestions please feel free to post a comment.

Here is a quick clip with some incredibly shoddy playing due to an injury of my fretting hand. I'll get some better ones up as soon as I can play without getting cramps in my left palm.

Here is one with just the resistors mounted. I didn't have one of the required values so used two resistors in parallel to get it where it needed to be.

And here we are with it mostly populated minus one electrolytic cap. These newer Belton reverb bricks are now small enough to fit comfortably inside a 1590b.