3 April 2011

Boards almost complete!

I know that i've been useless updating this thing but im going to keep to it more now that the project is moving along.

I am still waiting on a few resistors & caps to finish these boards off and im also going to change the 1uf Orange drops (The MASSIVE orange caps)  to Xicons possibly as they are smaller and fit a lot better. I will have to wait until the build is finished and then A/B them to see if there are any tonal advantages.

 Still waiting for C34 & C35 for the preamp board along with 3 resistors, they should be here sometime this coming week.

Still waiting for 4x 220k 1watt resistors for the power board. These are crucial as they are the bleed resistors that discharge the caps that can potentially kill me.... Definitely need those in there

Badly Painted TS

Well here's the TS it's the very first time I have ever sprayed anything and will be redone as i aren't 100% happy with it.

However it will do for now until I build my other pedals.