26 May 2012

MXR Blue Box C11 & Volume mod

Hey Hey! Been a while since I posted anything but here is something I've been playing with... an MXR Blue Box! This pedal is crazy. It sounds like something between Super Mario's boops and some other fuzzy thing... go try one out! I like it but it suffers from a couple of issues. Mainly a large volume drop when you kick it in, even with the output maxed out. I came across this blog: http://ravtones.blogspot.de/ Check it out. I did the C11 mod and added a switch to go back to stock. I do like the stock tone but as is mentioned in that blog the C11 mod alone doesn't increase the volume enough. Tony here is a fan of the SHO, so after chatting to him about it I decided to give this boost mod a go.
For me, unity now seems to be around 11 o'clock on the output dial, and this thing gets LOUD! Getting the little bit of vero is in a bit fiddly. I used to offcuts of resistor legs to mount it on the board, and it's also sat on a pair of transistors that needed to be bent over. I've noticed some bleed from this pedal but I think that was there originally anyway.

8 May 2012

Swirley Shirley MkI

Well i've got this knocked together in a temporary state.

The neck is a temporary one that I got on ebay for £18! Complete bargain. It has a great playability and as an added bonus has a brass nut. It has had a repair behind the headstock that has been done very well and also is a 54mm heel rather than the required 55.5mm.

The bridge is also a cheapo from eBay that is surprisingly good and will do the job until the Kahler 2710 arrives.

Back onto the pickups. They are all entwistles being HVX in the bridge. The single coil is the XS62 and the neck is the HVX neck. They are all very nice they are very 80s sounding but are not quite 100% what I want as i prefer more high end presence and and a faster more precise low end.

I do have plans on trying other pickups in this guitar from both Bulldog pickups & The Creamery.

I will get some clips done for the next post regarding this when the guitar is in MKII.

Now here's a few pictures

Here's a quick shot of me playing it. you can see the gaps at the side of the neck.

This photo shows how well the clear coating turned out.

Ignore the twisted B & E strings here I had to take the neck off to adjust the truss rod and didn't realise before taking the photo.

This one shows just how amazingly vibrant the DR neons are and as a bonus they sound and feel amazing too.