31 October 2011

New Amp Plans

Well I was kinda challenged to do this one but it's something I actually have an interest in myself so i'm going to roll with it and see how it turns out.

The challenge was to make a low powered amp thats around 20w or less that can do metal without the bass farting out as it's never really been done before.

Heres the plan so far

  • Single Channel
  • EL84 power stage
  • Cascaded Gain Stages
  • Variable Voltage Regulation for Power Scaling
  • Built In Boost Circuit
  • Adjustable Negative Feedback Control (Depth)
  • Stacked Controls For The EQ Section Where The Second Stack Controls The Boost With The MV Control Being Push Pull To Turn The Boost On/Off
I wont be starting this until after christmas but i'm really excited for it.

30 October 2011

Shock Treatment (SHO update)

Well I got around to rehousing this today and also labelling it up using a Dymo labeller.

Here's the final version.

Hopefully some more parts should be in tomorrow and I have decided to do the little angel chorus.

29 October 2011

SHO style build

First off i'll give credit where its due.

I used the layout from http://tagboardeffects.blogspot.com that was made by IvIark
Its an excellent layout.

I built this using a 10k linear pot and wired it in reverse as i didn't have a 5k linear rev pot handy.
This gave great results as I now have a massive range of clean boost for the first half of the pedal before the dirt and crackle kicks in!

Also this is my first ever build using Vero/Stripboard so it isn't the tidiest but i plan on tidying it up later.

Also as my step drill bit still hasn't arrived its built in a "DIY" enclosure that was crafted by my girlfriend Laura.

I enjoyed doing this so much that I have also ordered parts for a chorus build and an OD that I am going to cannibalise a BIYANG OD8 for the chassis as its the perfect layout.

18 October 2011

New Headshell Day!

I was originally going to use this for my next amp which would have a similar chassis but black with white lettering but i tried it with my current SLO and it just looks awesome.