30 April 2015

Ceriatone Yeti build. Complete

I have finally got around to completing the Ceriatone Yeti 50 build. It is a very versatile amp with it's selection of gain controls & bright switches.

I will do a full review/write up over the weekend once I have had a little more play time with the amp. There are also a couple of pickup reviews that I need to publish too!

I haven't taken too many photos just yet as I need to do a little tidying of the build but more shall follow soon.

As can be seen in the photos I used a selection of transformers from Classictone made by magnetic components.

 The power transformer is a JTM45 transform built to original specs. I used the additional 5V winding for the DC supply on V1 & 2 so there is enough current handling capacity on the filament winding so I can experiment with alternative power valves such as 6550/KT88.

 The output transformer is a 50w Plexi transformer with a 3.6k primary & the Choke is a standard 3H, 250mA marshall style choke.

Here is a shot of the DC heater supply for V1 & V2 which is powered from the 5V rectifier winding on the JTM45 Power transformer. The rest of the filaments are using the 6.3V winding

Here is a shot showing the tonestack, Presence & Depth control wiring.

And here are the dual gain controls (first and second gain stages) the master volume and the Bright & Era switching.

This photo shows the wiring of V1/1 and also the Pussy Trimmer control which controls the output level from the first to the second gain stages. With this control you can really fine tune your tone. Ceriatone set this pot to full when shipping out amps but I prefer it around 3/4 full.

This is a photo of the completed amplifier. The bias circuit is particularly handy in this amp with the filtering and individual controls for each power valve.

 Here is an top down view of the completed amplifier.

Here is the rear of the amp showing the full length rear faceplate that I had custom made. The reasoning for this is explained below.

 I didn't want to have the beer inlet cutout on the top of the amp so I opted for a rear grill for maximum ventilation.

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