20 February 2011

Decided upon the remaining build parts

I have been looking around at the various electronics suppliers for getting the remaining components,chasis,transformers & headshell.

I have come to the conclusion that getting all of these from different places that I would have to do is going to end up costing more in the long run with shipping and minimum orders.. The remaining cap I need is only available in quantities of 2,500 at $4.15 each!! Mental.

On the transformer front I just got an email back from Heyboer regarding custom transformers for this project. It turns out it will cost more than getting the Hi-Def transformer set from O'netics which was designed for this project and has proven to be up there with the best.

And the chasis,pots,switches,wire etc i am going to get from Rob @ c3amps.

So all in all I can get EVERYTHING that I need to finish the build from one place!.

Hopefully I shall be ordering them over the next month or so.

And the project begins

I have ordered the first lot of parts for my SLO build. Whats on the way is as follows.

All resistors
All Capacitors (apart from one but its easy to get hold of)
A few of the switches
All the rectifiers other than DB101
PCB's Pre & Power (smashguitars)

A big thanks goes out to Koa-Dogg from sloclone forums for this great deal that saved me over £100

And here's a picture of the goodies!