18 May 2011

It's alive!!!!

Well after a good while i've finally got this thing up and running and i must say it sounds bloody amazing!.

I had some issues with channel switching that lasted since saturday when i finished the amp (when it was nice and tidy) to now when i sorted it out.

I misread a few values of resistors which caused this but now its sorted!.

However internally its a right mess now due to all the fault finding time on the bench.

So for now there is just  a pic of it externally and i shall get some gut shots up after i have tidied it up this weekend.

7 May 2011

The O'netics are here!!!

Well they are finally here after many issues and delays I can finally get this thing going.

They have a little cosmetic damage and it seems the couriers have dropped the package at some point as one of the fixing plates is bent upwards but hopefully the transformers themselves should still be fine.