26 March 2011

TS808 complete!

Took about 30mins from start to finish and worked first time with no problems.

There was a 511k resistor missing though so I had to nip out to Maplins to get a replacement.

The toughtest bit of this build was the switch wiring as it's all so close together.

Here are some pictures of it currently. I am going to design a finish & paint it soon.

23 March 2011

I'm still alive!!!

Just a quick update to let everyone know that this project is still on the go. I just havent really gotten around to doing much with it as I want to wait until all the parts are here.

The majority of the parts are now here including the Chassis which is an absolute work of art!

The custom pickup from Hayden @ Bulldog pickups is an absolute beast! It turned out a lot better than I ever imagined it would.

Its hot, tight, articulate, has a very hifi sound to it and cleans up amazingly well. I shall be posting some clips of it in the near future along with the SLO Clone when the build is complete.

3 March 2011

The first package for the SLO has arrived!

So here we have it, the real beginning.

In my possession now are all the resistors, capacitors, PCB's and a few of the switches and LDR's etc.

I can finally get started with populating these and hopefully the rest should arrive shortly and i should have the amp finished within the next two months max.

I'll be posting more pictures of the PCB's assembled.