20 February 2011

Decided upon the remaining build parts

I have been looking around at the various electronics suppliers for getting the remaining components,chasis,transformers & headshell.

I have come to the conclusion that getting all of these from different places that I would have to do is going to end up costing more in the long run with shipping and minimum orders.. The remaining cap I need is only available in quantities of 2,500 at $4.15 each!! Mental.

On the transformer front I just got an email back from Heyboer regarding custom transformers for this project. It turns out it will cost more than getting the Hi-Def transformer set from O'netics which was designed for this project and has proven to be up there with the best.

And the chasis,pots,switches,wire etc i am going to get from Rob @ c3amps.

So all in all I can get EVERYTHING that I need to finish the build from one place!.

Hopefully I shall be ordering them over the next month or so.