31 October 2011

New Amp Plans

Well I was kinda challenged to do this one but it's something I actually have an interest in myself so i'm going to roll with it and see how it turns out.

The challenge was to make a low powered amp thats around 20w or less that can do metal without the bass farting out as it's never really been done before.

Heres the plan so far

  • Single Channel
  • EL84 power stage
  • Cascaded Gain Stages
  • Variable Voltage Regulation for Power Scaling
  • Built In Boost Circuit
  • Adjustable Negative Feedback Control (Depth)
  • Stacked Controls For The EQ Section Where The Second Stack Controls The Boost With The MV Control Being Push Pull To Turn The Boost On/Off
I wont be starting this until after christmas but i'm really excited for it.