29 March 2012

Let me introduce you to Swirley Shirley!

Here is a little something that I am going to be putting together over the next few months.

I got the body from Out of this swirled. I looked at it on the website for a good while and then just bought it as I noticed they are closing down and I didn't want to miss out.

This is going to be a more rock oriented guitar as my others are very metal so this will be a nice change.

Its American Red Alder and I am planning to pair it with a Kramer classic replacement neck with the beak style headstock.

The neck will be a single piece of flame maple with black dots for fret markets.

I will probably grab a set of custom Bulldogs for this also as there isn't really much else on the market that appeals to me or is good value for money.

I have also decided to load this with a Kahler trem which is going to be another new experience for me as i've strictly used hardtails & FR type trems in the past.

I am just about to pack the body up to send it off for clear coating and hopefully I will have decided on the neck spec and have it on the way by the time I get the body back.