29 March 2012

InMadOut Transformers - Soldano Replacements.

This post is a follow on from the heavily modded SLO post which can be found here.

I had a few reasons for choosing these transformers. The main one being that I am building this amp around a dual KT88 Power section and these transformers are perfectly specced for the application.

These were made to order and had a very short lead time of around 10 days which is another fantastic reason to use these.

There was a bit of the impregnation resin on one of the endbells which I cleaned off but it also took a bit of the black paint off too so i'm possibly going to dissasemble these and spray them matte black.

The power transformer is an absolute beast!

So now all that i'm waiting on for this build is the chassis & a headshell that I am getting custom made.

Hopefully there will be more posts soon.