15 July 2012

Guitar Fetish Solid Steel Trem Block

I got this purely out of curiosity to see what all the hype was about. I installed a Solid Steel block because the properties and descriptions of the Brass ones weren't to my liking.

Here is the stock block

And here is a comparison shot of the two. Its quite a significant size difference and the stock block weighs less than 1/4 of the weight of the SS one

And finally here are a couple of pictures of the block installed on the trem.

And finally a picture of it installed in the guitar.

This was marketed by Guitar Fetish as:

The result is a total transformation of your guitar for UNDER TWENTY BUCKS!! Come on!! Sustain is increased noticeably, tone is like NIGHT AND DAY, even tuning stability is just a hair better. You can't NOT buy this!!

After installing it and playing for just a few minutes I agree entirely. They missed out a few points though. The low end is punchier and the midrange is a lot snappier with a crisp high end. In general the tone is a lot more full and percussive.

The marketing gumph is slightly incorrect though as the block itself is actually $21.95! But still for the tonal increase you really cant argue and you would be a mentalist to not at least try it at the above price.