25 December 2011

Modded High Gain Soldano Style Preamp Complete

This is just a very quick update which also ties in with my new soldering iron that I got as a christmas present.

So first things first here is the new iron. It's a pretty simple 48w temperature controlled soldering iron that goes up to 430°C in 1 or 10° steps.
Now as for the amplifier heres the progress that i've made so far.

It's been populated with Vishay CCF60 high temp low tolerance resistors. These are ideal for this kind of circuit as they have a 1% tolerance and are a metal film type so they really help keep the noise floor in high gain circuits down. Also note the Panasonic power resistors, this is my first time using these but they were spec'd right and were a better price than the Xicons that I have used in the past that were on backorder.

The coupling capacitors are Mallory 150 series polyester film capacitors. These are very high quality and are a perfect balance between all that vintage mojo you hear about from the traditional mustard caps and also the clarity and edge of the Sprague Orange Drops.

The electrolytics are a mixture of Sprague Atoms & F&T axials. These are all very well spec'd and are a perfect match for the SLO circuit.

I shall be starting on the poweramp tomorrow hopefully and will also give a breakdown of that.

Merry christmas to all and if I don't post again before then I hope you have a great new year.