22 January 2012

Panel Mounted Tone Stack

Here is an idea I borrowed after spying some forum posts here and there...

This is a Marshall style tone stack and is mounted to the pots. The clearance between the panel and the matrix board ends up pretty small (a couple of mm) but lets it, you could probably fly a jumbo jet through it. It's enough of a gap to not cause shorts but the wires on the back are insulated with teflon sleaving anyway. The matrix board has no copper pads or traces on the rear. I used it because I had it lying around.

The advantages of doing this is are a reduction in the size of the preamp board needed, reduction in the amount of flying leads from the preamp board, and it moves the tone stack parts away from noisy parts of the circuit. It also means I'm free to not just tweak tone stack but remove entire stacks and keep them as modules. Same will be true of the preamp and power supply boards. They will be able to be removed from the amp and stored to allow a new build with a view to being returned if needed in future.