22 November 2011

The Laney Gut Project pt1

This is my first post here! Hello!
This is start of a build project in the chassis of an old Laney AOR. AOR's can be picked up second hand pretty cheap or for at least the cost of a blank chassis and a custom head shell. Under the plastic face plate are a bunch of covered holes perfect for trying a number of designs. The chassis is also punched for a whole host of parts... the only downside is that the sockets are riveted onto the 3mm steel chassis, which makes swapping the clamps and sockets hard work!

Details are yet to be decided, but this is going to be a 100watt single channel high gain head. The transformers in the photo are a new SLO style PT and OT available from Tubetown.de. The Choke in the photo's is the original Laney choke. This will be replaced but right now it is riveted to the chassis and the rivets need removing.

More to come....